Loving Inner Child

Loving the Inner Child

Hey guys! Happy to come back after a few days’ break I took after hearing some health-related news that I wasn’t thrilled about… Since then, I have been focusing more on going inward, keeping my high intensity exercise routine regardless of feeling a bit down, switching to even healthier food diet (trying to stay away from gluten and dairy for a month, with the focus on veggies and fruits and, of course, no sugar), looking into supplements and reaching out to all of the wounded places within myself to bring more of a multi-dimensional healing…

So this inner child theme is more important now than ever… According to Louse Hay all of our illnesses come from not loving ourselves fully… Making sure we notice the chatter in our heads and the Super Ego voice telling us how “not good enough” or “unlovable” we are. Not believing the voice and really loving and supporting as well as approving of ourselves is the key to keeping higher vibrations.

TIP: Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love and appreciate yourself. The body, mind, heart and soul. A great way to connect with your inner child is also by focusing on a visual of yourself around 3-4 years old. Seeing the child in distress – holding him/her, loving, surrounding with a healing white light. You can visualize placing the inner child right into your heart and keeping him/her safe in your chest.

From time to time, what I also love doing is checking on my little girl to see how she’s doing. Is she feeling ok? Does she want to play? Would she like a hug? And a visual comes telling me exactly how she is. Try these suggestions – and please let me know how they work for you!

Keep loving yourselves by sending kind messages internally and externally, feeding your body healthy food and keeping it fit!

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