Sensing Energy

Sensing Energy

Have you ever sensed energy? At my workshops and sessions, I show simplest ways to feel into your own energy and that of the other. People have all sorts of reactions when they first are able to perceive the higher vibrating frequencies. I love watching their child-like joy or surprise. The first time I felt a frequency of a seemingly empty space, the concept of the world around me has changed. I started feeling just like a kid in a candy store learning and experimenting with energy play more and more.

We are surrounded by various frequencies – for example emotions, intuitive insights, feeling of love, various outdoor spaces can bring on a different “field” and affect us. Some of the more blissful and higher vibrating experiences may happen among the people we love, in places of worship or nature, and of course – during orgasmic experiences.

The more sensitive you become to the finer energetic vibrations, the easier you’re able to tune into it’s movement through your body – leading to a stronger ability to experience an energetic orgasm.

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