Frame of Reference

Frame of Reference

Continuing with our exploration of Energetic Orgasm phenomena, I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about one’s frame of reference. A lot in our lives depends on our belief systems and frame of reference we choose to judge the outside world by.

For example, if it is my belief that only what I can see exists, I’m a materialist and a huge proponent of Newtonian mechanics – the chances that I will tune into higher frequencies and start sensing energy are pretty slim. Why is that? Because we, as humans, tend to only notice things that fall into our specific frames of reference…

If, on the other hand, I were to read a bit and open myself up to a possibility of Quantum field theory paradigm – I would open a window of opportunity to sense into vibrations that are beyond those accessible by regular senses alone.

Similarly, if I believe that sky is the limit and I can become whoever I’d like to – there’s a huge world of opportunities that I start tapping into. We are usually the ones stopping ourselves.

Feel into this for a moment – when do you tell yourself that you’re too ambitious, silly or unrealistic to believe in certain things and thereby stop yourself from achieving your dreams? Next time, try to allow this new reality as a possibility to emerge. Change your frame of reference and see where this new freedom takes you.

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