Energetic Exercises

Energetic Exercises

To become even more in tune with higher vibrating energies around you, you can try a few energetic exercises that include energy play, breath work and energy movement visualizations.

We can cover some of these in a private session together, I can help you feel into your energy field, tell you more about your chakras and do a chakra assessment for you.

Some of my favourite beginner exercises include:

  • Sensing the space between your hands – bringing them about 10 cm apart and slowly starting to moving the hands closer to each other sensing into the space between the palms. You may start feeling a sense of compression, heat, tingling or pressure. Energy flows where our attention is, so you may become more in tune with your field
  • Learn more about auric field and energy centers (tag #spiritsexlab_chakras) and start visualizing as if you’re opening the energy centers (as in colorful blooming flowers) by placing your hands on each of the chakras while doing the exersize
  • Breathing through chakras (starting from the base and gradually moving energy up through the vertical power current to come out of the crown) is another great exercise that tantric practitioners work on

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