My essence

Just got into a discussion about spirituality + sexuality and it got heated and personal… There’s a lot of misunderstanding around ideas of sex positivity and openness. Often, people believe that sexuality and spirituality are two opposite forces: black and white… Good and bad.

This has not been my experience. Sexuality is our life force, it’s a beautiful and powerful force that needs to be expressed. Spirituality is our birth right. Together – the forces bring amazing levels of ecstasy and insight.

I realize not everyone will like me. It’s not even about me. This is about each of us aligning with the highest truth of who we are. Regardless of what the society or various doctrines tell us. We just know.

I cannot change me. Blocking my essence only adds to pain we experience on this earth as a human race. I choose to align. Let it express through me. I hope you do the same – don’t die with your song inside of you ?

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