Human Energy Field: Level of Intention

level of intention
Level of Intention

So what lies beyond all of this you say… Beyond the chakras and the energy field that surround us? Energy healers and clairvoyants would tell you that there’s an even deeper level called the Level of Intention.

You see, if consciousness is primary and matter (lower vibrating energy) – secondary, the way our dreams and ideas start manifesting themselves is from the higher vibrating fields down into the physical realm.

Learning about the level of intention helps you manifest ideas, dreams and goals into reality much quicker. This will come with practice. For now, let’s just learn that our level of intention consists of:

  • The vertical laser-like energy line running close to our spine
  • This line is called HARA and it connects us to the core of the Earth as well as to our higher self expression
  • Tan tien is a very important energetic point mentioned in many martial arts (similar to our own core)
  • Soul seat energetic point holds all of our higher desires/goals information

TIP: The following is a great technique to bring your dreams/goals into the physical reality sooner. Standing feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, eyes open – visualize a hot red ball an inch and a half below your navel.

Breathe into it as you’re setting your intention. Feel the connection between Tan Tien and the Earth’s core, visualize a strong vertical laser line running into the ground. Feel the heat coming from the ground, sense the connection, state your intention. Do this daily.

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