Human Energy Field: Soul

A Soul… One’s Essence…

The part of us that always has been and always will be. A star. The higher consciousness. All of us come to earth with a unique calling, a beautiful purpose. Deep down inside, on a different level – an expansive and majestic energetic star rests as a reminder of where we’ve come from and how magnificent we all are.

Accessing this dimension feels magical, ecstatic, out of this world. Feeling a vast expansion during energy healing sessions, connecting multidimensionally to a field of higher love through meditation, falling into oneself and ecstasy during a sexual union

When you reach this place – there’s no doubt you have come home, the place of unconditional love and total acceptance.

TIP: This part of us can be experienced through a multitude of activities one loves. An artist inspired by painting gets enthralled into the passion of the moment, a dancer – feeling one with the universe, and athlete – loving the movement, a yogi – connecting to the world around her (him) through meditation, a practitioner of tantra – seeing their partner’s soul intertwined with their very own as one.

Set an intention on feeling your essence. Contemplate what you’re most passionate about in life. Witness yourself while doing those activities – see how brightly your essence shines!

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