Energy Orgasm: P1

energy orgasm

Energy orgasms are amazing phenomena that could be achieved touch free as part of a healing session… Here’s Part one of an Energy Orgasm story experienced by one of my clients. To watch a Video on what an Energy Orgasm looks like – please Follow This Link.

Energy Orgasm

Sage scented slightly darkened room… Candle light, comfortable massage table covered with a satin dark red sheet, plush soft maroon pillow… A handsome, fully clothed man wearing white cotton pants and t-shirt is laying on his back… He’s relaxed. Eyes closed…

Light, meditative music is playing in the background, inviting him to journey into a light trance state of weightlessness and bliss. The intention is set on experiencing a healing energetic orgasm – a hands free auric explosion: transforming and highly ecstatic experience.

The healer’s hands are intuitively moving above his body – gently caressing client’s energy field. Guiding him though opening his energy centers, relaxing the muscles, settling the mind. The sound of her lowered, gentle voice and the signing bowls music rocks him into a deeper state of relaxation and heightened body sensations. He feels safe, relaxed, ready to experience and receive.

The healer is charging his chakras one at a time, playing with the energy field. Moving the potent and hot sensual energy from his root and sacral chakras up his vertical power current. Increasing the intensity of the field, the highly sensitive client starts feeling waves of energy coming through him. One by one. Intensifying around his heart.

To be continued next Tuesday

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