Sexy Thyroid Cancer Scar Shoot

cancer scar

It’s so interesting that #cancer transforms not only the body, but the whole outlook on life…

Importance of health increases exponentially – just like in Maslow’s pyramid – #cancer throws one right down to the bottom of the pyramid – the survival stage…
#Cancer is a great priority reminder – nothing matters more than health. One just simply cannot take advantage of things without a functioning body…
Other game changers:

  • A great community (thank you!)
  • Supportive friends
  • Loving family
  • Skilled doctors…

They are the foundation one cannot succeed without at a time of need. It truly does take a village.

The outside, surface-based things like beauty, objects and empty words come crashing down to allow space for kindness, compassion and genuine care.

Thoughts on limited amount of time and one’s mortality give rise to a complete priority overhaul and life simplification. Intention. Focus. Roots. Love.

Beyond all of this craziness, lots of medical terms and multiple procedures I need to remind myself that I’m still the same deep down in my core:

I am passionate about spirituality, sexuality, creativity and personal growth.

This photo shoot is my way to claim back my connection to myself, my body, my core essence.
Cancer doesn’t define me.

P. S. I think my #sexyscar looks kind of cute. Too bad it’ll have to be redone soon ?

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