Squirting and G-Spot Orgasm Workshop – Aftermath

g-spot orgasms workshop

Saturday’s Squirting and G-spot Orgasms workshop went very well. The participants were very friendly, engaged and wonderful! It was so great to see lots of new and old faces (you know who you are;))! You made my day!

The venue and the host were awesome – such a beautiful, welcoming, high end sensuality shop (The Nookie) with many wonderful toys and gorgeous lingerie sets (I’ll be back to try on more!!) just to name a few. Thank you for having me here!

We’ve covered a lot of topics – went over the amazing anatomy and physiology, discovered where the G spots were located, learned and brainstormed on how to best set up the sensual space and put our partner in the mood. And, of course, went over quite a few techniques on Yoni massage and G-Spot stimulation including the best penetration poses. Feeling very grateful!

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