Tantric Exploration

Tantric Exploration
Tantric Exploration and Optional Live Demo

I came to learn of and like Tantra from an Energy Healing journey I’ve been on… A journey of learning about Energy OrgasmsPolyamory and BDSM… A bit unusual. However, I love what it stands for – the spiritual sexual energy movement.

I see Tantra is an open playground that encourages us to feel the energy all around us. Experience the waves of sexual pleasure and be mindful of how it affects us. I love the ways Tantra teaches us to move energy. I build on it using the distilled essence of knowledge and experientials from my 10 years of meditative and energy healing studies.

I’d like to invite you to explore the incredible world of Tantra with your partner! Please ask me re: workshop coming up on March 10th! Tantra Sanskrit for “loom” or “weaving” as well as “continuous process” is a spiritual practice that can involve sex as a gateway to better intimacy, better orgasm and orgasm control and greater sexual experience between partners. Tantra is about the movement of the energetic flow within the body and the channelling of the energy centers (Chakras) for a greater connection to oneself.

Covered topics for Tantric Exploration may include:

  • Energy Centers (Chakras) and Energy Field (Aura) overview and experientials
  • Kundalini, Sexual Energy and Types of Orgasmic Experiences
  • Ceremony Experiential, space setting
  • Breathing, Grounding, Meditation and Energetic connection techniques
  • Yoni, Lingam and prostate massage techniques theory overview
  • Tantric lovemaking tips and tricks
  • Hand outs, list of resources
  • Optional: Live erotic demonstration of Lingam and prostate massage hands-on techniques (shown on a live model or a prop depending on client’s preferences

Would you like to learn to experience Tantra by yourself and as a couple? I am running a Tantric Exploration workshop very soon (or ask to schedule your own private event / session at a time/location that works best for you).

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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