I will be in isolation for the next 2.5 days (Radioactive Iodine treatment). No one will enter my room – there will hopefully be trays of food left outside of it from time to time lol

Beautiful downtown views from 18th floor of a hospital room and messages will keep me company! I am planning on meditating,  doing yoga, drawing, reading and listening to audio books. (Who am I kidding – will most likely end up binge watching TV and surfing the net lol)

I will definitely be eating lots of lemons, showering and drinking a tonne of water to release all of the radiation out of my system to safety go home on Friday. Everything I’ll bring into the room will need to stay behind. That would hopefully include the traces of my cancer. I will be practicing letting go and coming up with new workshop and session ideas. Love you! See you on the other side soon.

P. S. I will most likely share a few posts on Insta / FB about my stay 🙂

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