Bear and the Kitten

Bear and Kitten

When all words are said and done. When there’s a huge gap between the two polarities and there’s no reconciliation in sight… The time is to get still and grieve.

Distant memories come to life. They come out of the dark and bloom like wild tropical flowers. They take you on a voyage out of reality. Exactly what is needed right now to escape this world of tears and pain.

Perhaps, because their charges were, at times, so opposite – they connected so vividly, strongly, out of this world. Weaving their unique sensitivities and creating energetic experiences out of them… The same differences and sensitivities that pulled them apart in real life.

But we’re in a world of fantasies right now. Take a step in – don’t be afraid of the dark…

… It was a sensory play. Alice – receiving, Tracey – giving. Visual – he’s undressing, moving his athletic body, dancing in front of her. Watching this handsome man’s naked athletic body move has always been arousing to Alice…

Sound – his dirty talk, Tracy has always been amazing at it. Words have a power to ignite strong visual imagery and touch the depths of your fantasies. Alice stated feeling warmth spreading around her labia and slight stickiness around her pussy…

Scent – she was given a sample of a subtle scent of his body… Armpit, around his penis – ever so light hint of his sex pheromones… She never knew how arousing these could be until focusing on them now.

Taste of berries, fruits, ice… His tongue. His cock… Touch was her favourite by far – eyes closed, sensing his playful hands, or just vivid energy movement…

Memories like these is what is left to us after all words are said and done. Experiences that make us grow. Experiences that change us. Experiences to feel grateful for.

Alice was sure she had manifested him.

Now was the time to let go. Set free these memories and stories of pain and pleasure, amazing depth and disconnect, love and imbalance. The stories of duality.

Time to go deep inside of herself and get silent.

A contraction always follows an expansion. Just like the beginning of the winter is inevitable. What was she going to manifest now?

Goodbye my Bear, your Kitten will always love you… where the moon meets the sun.

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