Connection: Self, Essence


Essence / Higher self / Golden Shadow is the beautiful, loving, omnipotent and wholesome part of ourselves. It is who we are deep down at the very core – the light that shines within, the brilliance, the higher frequency of the spirit.

Start noticing how beautiful and unique you are by focusing on what kind of energy you’re projecting when doing something you love. It could be patience and wisdom when dealing with kids. Or maybe passion and fire while dancing. Perhaps, it’s endless creativity and enthusiasm while working on a project you love. Write down as many adjectives as you can that reflect your positive qualities. Collect them and look at them often when doubting, judging or feeling unloving towards yourself. This is who you truly beautifully are.

Also, if you haven’t do so already, please watch a self-love video:

P. S. At times you may notice beautiful things about others and compliment them – and so I want you to know that that’s also called a “Golden shadow”. The phenomenon when you also possess a beautiful quality that the other has and you notice it as it’s being mirrored back to you.

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