Staying in Shape: P2


To check out Part One of the Staying in Shape Series Please Follow this Link.

Below is the Dietary/Nutritious guidelines I follow:

  • 80% of healthy/best shape comes from the right nutrition
  • Learn to listen to your body – it tells you when you’re full, what types of foods it needs and how it feels about your nutrition
  • Stick to multiple/smaller/healthy meals throughout the day
  • My diet mainly consists of fruits/vegetables which are organic and non-GMO
  • Carbs need to be non-refined, foods – unprocessed, ideally home-cooked
  • If you choose meat-derived proteins (my diet is mostly vegetarian + milk/eggs based), please pay attention to ethically raised and processed ones. No growth hormones/antibiotics in meats/chicken, no farm-raised fish…
  • I completely avoid sweets – this is my hard limit. If I crave something sweet – I try to understand whether it’s an emotional craving or a physical one
  • I always substitute my cravings for sweets/refined carbs for fruits or healthier alternatives
  • A good rule of thumb is to full your plate for each meal with 50% veggies and fruits (more veggies), 25% lean proteins (fish, turkey, chicken, cheese,eggs, nuts or vegetable derived proteins) and 25% non processed, complex carbohydrates (whole grains, brown rice, wholewheat bread etc.)

Part three – coming out next Tuesday – stay tuned for more tips!

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