Connect: Self, Mask


We all wear masks. Often. At some point in our lives we’ve created (with the outside help) an idealized image of who we need to be. This idealized version then becomes a mask one wears…

Whenever you’d like to attract more love, get a better job position, project a certain image – the Mask Self normally takes over. It helps create an overall image of being Loving, Powerful, Serene etc. by covering up a Wounded Child you have inside and / or your Lower Self.

Keeping the Mask afloat requires quite a bit of energy invested into trying to achieve the idealized image of ourselves as opposed to embracing who we truly authentically are.

The Mask is there for our personal protection from the outside world. It also allows us to turn a blind eye towards our own shortcomings (Lower Self) and pretend like we don’t feel any ‘negative’ emotions, entertain various imperfect thoughts or act in ways we’re not proud of.

Becoming aware of the Masks you wear and setting the intention on being as authentic as possible in the majority of circumstances allows for amazing personal growth and fuller expression of your beautiful essence.

I, personally, love pretending that I am perfect and have it all figured out. I don’t. Sometimes I feel scared, worried, lost and dysfunctional. At times, I feel very emotionally unbalanced and am surprised to hear that others think I’m strong lol. Vulnerability is an amazing gift we can give in this world of socially conditioned polished responses…

Can you name your favorite masks?

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