women's circle

Imagine a place in which you’re fully accepted for who you are. Deep down inside. Without a judgement. You can breathe fully and openly. You don’t need to hold tension all over your body and be on guard or pretend to be anyone other than yourself.

Remember a gathering of your close friends when you feel the warmth of support in your heart. Openness. Love. Connection. Always.

Imagine the excitement to be able to ask questions and share with other women some of your fantasies and sexual questions. Support. Judgement free sharing.

See, feel, notice what would it be like to be in a space of 8 Soulfully Wild women – collaboration not competition. Sisterhood.

Consider yourself invited to a beautiful gathering on October 7th to my Healing Studio – to share, feel, expand and grow. Please see my vision board below and join! DM for your ticket. Spots are limited.

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