Body Beloved: P2

Years later, experiences later…

I am in love with my body (though I have my moments)

I have discovered the love of movement.

Exercise – when the body is fit, flexible and feels light. It allows me to bend and move in gracious and beautiful ways. I love the rush of energy during intense workouts. How lightly I jump, how strongly I hold difficult positions, how flexible my body gets when I bend it. It has been such a gift. I love this vessel I call my home.

I love dancing with the music, seducing, flirting, showing off…

Feeling static electricity all over my body while I move. How orgasmic and sexual my body is. How enjoyable. Responsive. Generous in the amounts and heights of pleasure it allows me to achieve. Abundant in joy.

How healing a hug feels. How beautifully my body got restored after two child births and 2 years of breast feeding. And how amazingly healthy it is. Just like clockwork. Looking at myself in the mirror, feeling so grateful for this beautiful gift of physicality. Each cell working without any of my involvement. Divine.

Grateful in how it enjoys and takes in healthy food, lets me breathe in a spring air, see beautiful fall colors… Sense grass and earth underneath my feet. Experience a loving presence of those around me.

Dear reader, please consider taking a moment to think of your own body. How it serves you in so many beautiful ways, how loving it is by providing you with all of the mobility and exquisite sensations you need.

How lucky we are to be here now, feeling what we feel. Sending lots of little hugs and love to all of our beautiful cells.

Here’s to you, Body beloved! In your perfect imperfection and authenticity!

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