Q & A: How to Find a Unicorn

find a unicorn

Q & A: How to Find a Unicorn


B: Dear Evguenia, we’re a couple looking for a unicorn. Please let us know the best way to find one. B. H.

A.: Dear B., thank you for your question! Just to clarify for everyone reading the post – Unicorn you’re looking for is not a magical forest creature 😉 Its a term used to typically describe a bisexual female that a couple may be looking for to engage in a threesome with.
Lots of couples seem to be looking for Unicorns nowadays J Often this is due to the fact that the female partner may be looking to experience her bisexual side while her male lover is happy to play out an MFF fantasy without feeling competitive towards another male. And the Unicorn may be looking to explore the group sex dynamic while engaging with both feminine and masculine energies.

I find that best places to look for a Unicorn are online – using applications such as:

  • OkCupid (dating site that has many people I practicing alternative lifestyles)
  • Fetlife.com (sex positive online community open to alternative lifestyles, BDSM)
  • As well as other dating sites such as Café Desire or SwingTowns (lifestyle couples looking to meet other couple and singles)

Also there are multiple events at local Sex Clubs (please see my video on what these are about and the tours I offer) that are geared towards finding single females or Unicorns.

Would you like to learn more about alternative lifestyles or Sex Club Tours? Please DM for your private session or check out workshop schedule: www.spiritsexlab.com/events. For more in depth exploration of the topic of sexuality and play – please see some of the Services I Offer and feel free to Reach Out.

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