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A few days ago I received this note from a reader:

“Alice, I’d like your feedback on something if you don’t mind.


Last Christmas I got my wife a gift certificate from Good For Her. I was hoping she would pick out a toy or a book or some lube or something that would at least get her thinking about sex and give us something to try out. She was so shy it took her 7 months to go shopping!


But, she finally bought a clitoral vibrator and some lube. She also mentioned that she was looking at the handcuffs they were selling but they were too expensive. 

We’ve talked a little bit about how we would use the cuffs, but like I said, she is shy. So I went ahead and bought a cheaper pair. 


Do you have any tips for introductory use of cuffs? The closest thing we’ve done to restraints is me holding her wrists above her head while in a missionary position, but I’m not actually sure what else to do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!”

I know you’re a playful bunch! And SpiritSexLab is the perfect venue to connect to share ideas, experiment with pleasure, sensations, tease, seduction, spirituality to bring more spice, fun and passion into our lives! I propose we do it every Friday! Are you up for a challenge? ? So today I’d like to focus on Handcuffs. How do you playfully, seductively, sensually use handcuffs with your partner or in solo play?

Please comment or send me a DM (tag me in your story @SpiritSexLab) so I can anonymously post or share your answer.

If we get 11 comments, I’ll share amazing Handcuffs usage tips with you that you’ll love!


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