Spiritual Desire – Split Intention

spirits desire

Spiritual Desire – Split Intention

“All that spirits desire, spirits attain.” Khalil Gibran

I truly believe we’re living our own desires. We’re manifesting our own intentions. At times we are unaware of certain desires we may have or negative / split intention we may set.

Example: I’m trying to change a very specific pattern in my life. And no matter what I do, it keeps persisting. Seemingly, I’m a victim of the situation that is outside of my control. However, if I become curious and look deeper into the issue under a more mindful consideration, it seems that a  subconscious part of me has an opposite desire/goal that goes against the one I’m wanting to consciously achieve. Therefore, I’m split into two. And my spirit is attaining exactly what I’m looking to achieve – stagnation and confusion.

All that spirits desire, spirits achieve… What are you split about?

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