Health benefits of having more sex

Health Benefits Sex

Health benefits of having more sex

Did you know that sexuality has a potential to not only be intensely pleasurable and serve as a getaway to profound experiences, but it’s also good for you health wise?

  • Sex is a great stress reduction tool.
    It affects our brains with feel-good chemicals while reducing the stress hormone – cortisol. Levels of oxytocin (mood boost and promotion of well being an happiness feeling), endorphins (stress and pain reduction) and dopamine (impacts brain’s pleasure and reward centers) rise during sex and with higher levels after an orgasm.
  • Sex also improves sleep.
    Research shows that a hormone prolactin (relaxation hormone) is released after an orgasm that helps you sleep better.
  • Sexuality boosts your immune system.
    One Recent Study has suggested that those who have sex with a frequency of about once/twice per week, had the highest levels of immunoglobulin (30% higher than those who had no sex)
  • Sexual activity limits pain.
    In a study Komisaruk co-authored with Rutgers sex researcher Beverly Whipple, who coined the term “G-spot,” they found that the pressure of pleasurable vaginal stimulation increased pain tolerance by 40%. When the women came to orgasm, their pain tolerance increased by nearly 75%. Scientists give the credit to hormones released during sex, like endorphins,which block pain and stress, and oxytocin, the hormone that helps mothers and babies bond and which has pain-relieving properties.
  • Sex could be considered a great form of exercise

Having sex is very beneficial to our health! Did you know that a Canadian study from 2013 has found the Sexual activity may be considered a Significant Exercise?

Plus, experts point to the other exercise benefits from sex: the stretching of muscles and tendons, the flexing of joints and the increase of respiration, heart rate and blood pressure that in a healthy man or woman can energize the body.

Sex also decreases risk of prostate cancer, improves heart health, enhances intimacy and boosts cognition as the following CNN article suggests.

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