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Gift Certificates

Gift Ideas – Gift Certificates

Did you lovelies know that I offer gift certificates? What a better way to spread the Holiday cheer than get a Gift of Pleasure, Sexual Positivity and Healing to your loved ones? Gift certificates can be for any amount and could be used towards Group Workshop sessions ( , Personal/Couples Healing or Sex Education sessions in person or long distance (!

  • HEALINGS: As a graduate of world’s premier Personal Transformation Hands on Healing schools, I offer quite a few Healings that balance out emotions, aid with stress release and help you come into contact with deeper parts of your being. This holistic modality also induces a sense of calm, deep relaxation that promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being. Complete list of Healing services is listed here:
  • SEX EDUCATION: I’m so very passionate about guiding people towards reaching their full potential and shining their bright essence while leaving guilt, shame and worries behind. Let me help you see sexuality as a great gateway and playground to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately pleasure. Poly and Kink friendly. Non judgmental. Honest. Link to some of the services is here:
  • MINDFULNESS: I use mindfulness and meditation approach a lot in my practice. Meditative practice allows us to relax into a thoughtless awareness that has been proven to provide multiple benefits for our bodies, minds and hearts. Learn to successfully practice meditation and achieve a sense of calmness, relaxation and serenity; as well as connect to your inner guidance. Learn more on services I offer here:

Don’t see a service you’d like? Please DM with questions <3

Your guide to Breathtaking Sex ~ Playful Spirituality and ~ Life full of Creativity and Passion. Choose between 4 beautiful Designs, Personalize your gift with a message.

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