Healing Power of Nature

Healing Power Nature

Healing Power of Nature

I have always found the nature to be incredibly healing. Each plant, tree, animal and insect, they say, has a soul. These creatures live their lives fully, as some have suggested ‘below the level of thought’. This simply means that they enjoy thoughtless awareness of being in the now. Animals, tree, insects, rivers and mountains are part of consciousness we call life, they are fully integrated into an energetic mindful fabric of our very existence.

Throughout the history, nature, mountains, rivers, trees, the sun, the moon have always been honored in ancient cultures. Nowadays we tend to lead busy lives, mostly focusing on intellectual pursuits, lost in our thoughts and stressed by every day’s challenges… We have a lot to learn from nature.

Would you like to slow down, feel more grounded, better weather life’s surprises and connect with your soul? Here are 4 tips we can learn from nature:

1. Forest bathing is taking time to unwind and connect with nature to improve your health. Getting outside on a nature forest walk allows you an opportunity to take a few deep breaths, notice all of the little wonders all around us: vibrant fall colors, wonderful soothing sounds, stable ground underneath our feet and sensual forest scents. Feel your chest and stomach expanding with each inhale, notice how the air leaves your lungs on the exhale. Slow down. Enjoy the moment.

2. Feel grounded and held by finding a best looking tree – I love tall, huggable trees with brunches kissing the sky and roots deepening into the mother Earth. Gently embrace the tree and feel into it’s core, the trunk, visualize roots growing out of your feet into the earth. Notice the sensation of grounding, warmth you’re starting to feel in your feet. Become aware of the fact that you’re held. Always. No matter what.

3. Going through a tough moment in life? Come sit by the moving water. Its frequency is so incredibly healing. The water embodies the change, strength mixed with gentleness. Tell the creek all of your worries, watch the water cleanse you, clear your thoughts and take your worries away.

4. Close your eyes. Focus on how blessed you are. Right here – sitting on this rock, watching the water, breathing the fresh air. Connect to your inner core, visualize your heart being open and connect to who you truly are deep down inside. A beautiful shining soul. Just like the sun or the moon. Bright essence woven into the fabric of the existence of the rest of the world. Consciousness. Oneness. Love.

Welcome home!

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