Let’s Play – Love

Lets Play Love

Hi there lovely! I noticed we haven’t had Let’s Play section (#spiritsexlabplay) for a while now! I miss it, how about you?The idea is to connect playfully to share ideas, experiment with pleasure, sensations, tease, seduction, spirituality to bring more spice, fun and passion into our lives!

Are you up for a challenge? ?

Today, I’d like to focus on LOVE. How do you playfully, sensually, verbally, physically let yourself or your partner feel loved?

Please comment or send me a DM (tag me in your story @SpiritSexLab) so I can anonymously post or share your answer.

If we get 11 comments, I’ll share amazing Love Boosting Experiential that you’ll love!

Read more at www.spiritsexlab.com

P. S. I still owe you a tip from our last challenge on creative use of handcuffs. Bondage is a fun idea to play with, my favourite is just by use of words. Try this: control your lover by giving them specific instructions of keeping a certain pose, leaning the way you like, not moving at all. If they do – come up with a fun punishment and if they act perfectly – reward… Enjoy!

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