Connected to myself


“Treatment wise I think it really hit me only when I got home, I was on auto pilot when I left. It was almost overwhelming to be connected to myself on those levels. I actually canceled my plans for tonight because I feel I don’t want to share myself with anybody.” T. S., Energy Orgasm Session

Connection is so powerful, isn’t it? Whether it’s feeling connected to yourself, the other or the world. We spend so much time thinking, planning, doing and very little time really deeply being. Think about it, how often are you truly deeply connected with your body, heart, mind and soul? When do you consciously set the intention to deeply connect with your loved ones? How often do you feel one with the world?

Energy is the very fabric we’re made out of. Meditation, mindfulness and energy work are some of the powerful ways that allow us to feel deep sense of communion and connection. Join me – this coming Sunday to feel just that.

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