Worth, not beauty

worth not beauty

“I will tell you, my daughter, of your worth not your beauty every day.” Nayyirah Waheed

Our society is predominantly visual, we also tend to be quite surface-based. How much does your appearance and the appearance of others matter to you? Do you go deeply inside or stay on the surface? Another interesting exercise is to notice an immediate transference we feel towards someone we don’t even know. They may remind us of someone from our childhood and subconsciously we transfer all of our feelings towards them – good or bad…

I remember doing this transformational exercise at the healing school. Students were asked to form two lines and face one another. We were then instructed to catch the very first projection, thought, feeling we noticed while connecting to the person in front us. I found myself looking into the eyes of a beautiful young woman and to my surprise caught an instant negative reaction arising in me. There was really no reason for it as I knew nothing of this woman. I became curious and dug deeper – my memories came flooding back. Of course! She reminded me of my middle school nemesis and bully – beautiful and popular girl that hated me for being a Jew.

So good to be aware of our reactions and transferences – good and bad!

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