Alice in PolyLand Book Kickstarter Launch

Alice in PolyLand

Alice in PolyLand Book Kickstarter Launch!

Woo-hoo!! So psyched!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Over the past few years I have written some spicy, sensual, deep, wild and soulful stories of my Alter Ego Alice and the time has come to share these with you! Alice is a mother and a polyamorous wife, an artist, and a healer. An entrepreneur. A sexuality educator. A lover. A seductress. 

Sexuality is her playground of choice. Love is her worship, her teaching, the sole purpose of living. It is the power of human connection that transforms, strengthens and drives her to experiment and share.

The book that I proudly offer on my KickStarter campaign contains a sultry collection of stories, photographs & practical tips on accomplishing fantasies inspired by one woman’s adventures in Polyamory. One of the main creative ideas is to inspire the reader to play out the fantasies in the sketches and help unleash his or her own desires as well as help take a relationship to the next level. The book’s intent is not only to entertain but also to empower and motivate the reader to discover his or her personal gifts and take another step in the journey toward living authentically-aligned lives full of love, pleasure, and passion.

After all, sexuality is a great gateway to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately love.
Please watch the video below to get a better glimpse of this exciting project and JOIN ME!

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