Intellectual Erection – Transcendental Orgasms Podcast

Intellectual Erection Podcast

Such a wonderful time I had on Intellectual Erection podcast!! Thank you so much for such a fun, deep, sexy conversation! Listen to it Here.

Here’s a bit about the episode as described by Patric:

On this episode I speak with Evguenia from Spirit Sex Lab, a sexual healing, book writing, sex educating, polyamorous, kink and sex party tour guide giving, spiritual healing, and energy orgasm giving bundle of a human. You’ll get an earful of tantric, spiritual, sexiness and more…maybe a transcendental orgasm.

Evguenia shares in the Eastern Block sex shaming that repressed her many kinks to those unconscious recesses that eventually found a way to express themselves much later in life, into a blossoming polyamorous, spiritual, sex positive, and kinky human. She has since invested in learning the techniques of spiritual healing and combined it with her sex positivity to enhance her sexual experiences to tantric levels, offering her clients those seductive energy orgasms that you can vicariously enjoy on her social media. This is Evguenia’s birthday week, and thus, a great time to promote her book Alice in Polyland—a sexual guidebook, erotica, and visual art piece with professional photos highlighting the art in BDSM, kink, love, and polyamory. So for her birthday, go check out the Kickstarter for the book at the link below, her website with her professional healing services, sex education, and sexual guidance session (including those energy orgasms), and listen to the episode for the sexy details, stories about possible worlds, and transcendental orgasms.


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