Alice in PolyLand – vast sexual landscape

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“Alice in PolyLand is an informative book written by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab, an accredited energy therapist and sex educator. The book is laid out in easy to follow chapters – Unicors (couples and bisexual women), Be Still (Domination and Submission), Energy Orgasm (Tantric Energy Play), etc. ”
Alex Dark

True, I wanted to give the readers an overview of a vast landscape or should I say multidimensional universe that sexuality is…

  • Interrelational – pushing your boundaries in pleasure, connection, jealousy and energy exchange
  • Playful & Creative – exploring the inner landscapes of who we are, communication, trust and control dynamics
  • Profoundly deep – diving into the depths of spirituality, bliss, energy work and consciousness

Please add your interpretation on sexuality xoxo.
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