Be still no matter what I do

the game we'll play

“The game we’ll play today requires you to stay motionless. To stay silent. Be still no matter what I do.

Two days ago I joined an amazing, deviant Dominant man in a tickle play scene with a cute submissive girl. She loved being tickled and was mortified of it at the same time. She’s scream, laugh, struggle and purr… We have explored a story line of interrogation (I played a role of a Russian KGB torture professional lol), meticulously testing various ticklish spots and finally examining her endurance by lots of intense sensation play, forced orgasm play (a strong vibrator), use of restraints, and commanding her to assume a certain position and not move or make a sound while being tickle tortured.

This was my first time playing with a tickling kink. I learned so much! Next step for this brave girl? A public kink party to be fully seen by many and played with! (all consensual of course)

Tickling is not your cup of tea? No worries, you can still use various elements of play I’d mentioned above to bring more fun, excitement and pleasure into your life. Try telling someone not to move, or speak, command them not to touch you as you’re sensually teasing them. Blindfold them for more anticipation and excitement.

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