Scheduling in Polyamory

Day to day life of a poly person

Day to day life of a poly person (Scheduling in Polyamory)

Life is limitless, time is unfortunately not. So what does a day to day of a poly person look like? How is one able to handle multiple relationships simultaneously?

Please comment with your life hacks and ideas, share this post with those who could benefit from reading it, and I’ll explain to you how I live 😉

I have a “nesting partner” meaning I live with my husband of 24 years and two kids. Further more, I’m an entrepreneur, gym enthusiast and I love connecting with friends. I used to have another significant relationship in my life – a boyfriend, that I’d to see 1-2/3 times a week. From time to time I’d also enjoy occasional play experiences with people exploring rope, impact play, DS etc. (Note that not all play experiences need to be sexual in nature as polyamory is more about emotional connection than a sexuality-based one)

Why was it just one person I was focusing on, you could ask? Polyamory is a type of relationship structure that you could fully design for yourself. One needs to understand the amount of time they have and think of how deep or wide they’d like to dive with a person (people) involved.

If your preference is to lightly connect with multiple people and your availability is such that you can easily allow for it – you could have multiple playful, infrequent partnerships at various levels of depth and emotional involvement.
If, however, your free time is limited and you prefer deeper multidimensional connections (like myself) you may need to restrict your efforts to seeing a smaller number of people, but diving deeper with them.

Below are a few pointers I’d like you to consider when it comes to scheduling when multiple people are involved:

  • I find that the availability and partner preferences are important concepts that should be communicated to potential partner(s) prior to engaging with them to avoid any type of disappointment
  • Understanding your own needs, preferences and goals is an important first step in discovering what works best for you: if you’re a person who has an avoidant attachment style and/or a very busy schedule (I have explained 3 types of attachment styles in this video: you may lean towards infrequent connections and need more space to yourself. If you’re anxious – perhaps closer, more frequent bonds would work best for you
  • Use of google calendar and overall organizational abilities are very important in scheduling multiple people / events into your timetable
  • Double dates and group get-togethers with metamours (your partner’s partners) save time and strengthen relationships
  • Being flexible is also very important when it comes to juggling so many commitments


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