Alice in PolyLand – 138% Funded!

Alice in PolyLand, 138% Funded. We raised $3,450 in short 40 days!

YES! I’m in awe. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank everyone who made this book a reality! And additionally raised money for two eLearning courses I’m looking to create next.

I’m extremely grateful for this amazing community, my friends, mentors, supporters, followers and amazing people! For all of you!
Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support, encouragement!

  • Thank you so much for all of your help with editing, proof reading and suggestions @Photobian & Allan Dagget
  • Really grateful to Chris Carder for all of your business mentorship and campaign messaging / creation advice
  • Anna Chen, thank you very much for all of your guidance on fundraiser ideas, tips and tricks
  • Really appreciate your reviews, so much help with promotion and overall marketing support: Fatima Mechtab and Alex Dark
  • Thank you so much for letting me talk about my book on your wonderful podcasts: Darius, Intellectual Erection and Bianca Venerayan from ISO Radio
  • So grateful to the amazing photographers who’s photos are featured in the book: The Sensual Eye, ModernX and Photobian
  • A huge thank you to beautiful models from the sets!
  • Very grateful for your friendship, on-going support and cheering me on: Spike
  • Troy – if it weren’t for your whooping 1,8K contribution, this campaign wouldn’t be possible, thank you so much for your generosity!
  • So thankful to Peter for all of your help, support and wisdom!
  • Very grateful to all friends, backers including Joey, a mystery supporter, Mark and all of you for making this project a reality!
  • Everyone who has reached out to me via stories, messages, emails and has followed along! THANK YOU.

Off to print off the very first copy of the book next week.
Will keep you informed xoxo

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