Set free these memories

Set free these memories

“Set free these memories and stories of pain and pleasure, amazing depth and disconnect, love and imbalance.”

Letting go has been the hardest practice for me in life… I suppose it has to do with my need to control as well as inability to accept and surrender.

  • I’ve noticed that when I resist accepting or surrendering to an inevitable change, I encounter the ‘hard pain’ of avoiding the feeling of the emotions I’m working through. Then this resistance or a defense/fear is added on top of the feelings of loss, grief, anger and sadness that I have underneath
  • When and if I decide to just allow for the emotions to flow and drop into the turmoil of the internal anguish – I fall into the ‘soft pain’ of what it
  • I then process and quite effortlessly (though not immediately painlessly) start feeling held, supported and loved

How do you let go and surrender to what is?


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