Mega Energy Boost – Happiness / Gratitude

Mega Energy Boost Happiness

Mega Energy Boost – Happiness / Gratitude

Yesterday, I found out that a wonderful woman who was a healer, a burlesque dancer and a supernova has passed away. She has lost a long battle with cancer, but she did it with such a grace and courage… She’s been incredibly inspirational to so many and I’m grateful to have heard of her.

I remember going through my own thyroid cancer journey last year and how much clarity that journey has brought. How grateful I felt to have my life and health back after the long treatment. I’m sure all of us has had life changing experiences that made us realize how precious our lives were, how blessed we were to have so much love, health, joy and bliss all around us.

Feelings of happiness and gratitude heighten our energy frequency tremendously! Seeing glass as half full as opposed to half empty is practice in gratitude and focus.

• Notice how often you may intently focus on what it lacking and how this affects you – does it feel draining, sad, exhausting?
• Try a simple practice of letting someone know how much them mean to you and what you absolutely love and adore about them and see the world change
• Start a gratitude jar and every time something amazing happens, write a little note and put it in. Review these monthly!
• Catch your negative thoughts and question them before internalizing! You will notice how many are simply not helpful or true
• Pay attention to life’s little miracles such as a gorgeous fragrant flower, hot tasty coffee, a stranger’s kindness and openness

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude improves self-esteem, strengthen relationships, improve physical and psychological health. It enhances empathy and educes aggression. Take a moment right now to comment with three things you’re grateful about and notice the internal positive shift 😉

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