Male Multiple Orgasms Video

Male Multiple Orgasms

Male Multiple Orgasms Video

It tends to be a bit easier for people with clitorises to enjoy multi-orgasmic experiences while those with penises don’t enjoy this privilege as much… After all once ejaculation has passed, the next wave doesn’t typically start soon while the sleepiness and tiredness tend to take over.

Did you know, my sexy ones, that orgasms and ejaculation are not the same?! They tend to happen simultaneously and therefore seem to be connected. Yet, with practice and skill, you can separate them and achieve Multiple Orgasms. Further more, the pleasure can come in continuous waves without any physical stimulation. The experience that happens becomes profound, deep, incredibly transforming and out of this world.

Moreover, people of all genders can experience these mind blowing states of being. Remember, we work with them touch free, energetically.

Does it sound too good you say? It feels as good as it sounds! Here’s the new video that shows some of the Magic. Thank you Derek for allowing me to film it and for sharing your experiences at the end of the movie. Stay tuned for his reflections till the very end.

Have questions? Want to learn / receive your own orgasm? DM for details. Happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have.

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