Thank you! Through the Looking Glass.

I wanted to thank everyone so much for coming out and supporting yesterday’s event!

The party was an amazing success, I’ve gotten so much great feedback from multiple people. Also, wonderful suggestions for future parties! Guests have learned so many new skills, experienced some amazing scenes and made a ton of connections to other open-minded and -hearted folks.

I’ll tell you all about it in the nest few days right now I’d like to THANK SO MUCH our wonderful guests, volunteers and staff members:

  • Our incredible PMs – Anna and Kate (delicious snacks, gorgeous photography, PM and so much more!)
  • Beautiful Master Guides + Friends – Alex, Sabrina, Gi, Rope Master and their helpers and models: Sophia and Alana – thank you so much! You’re the best – thank you for your craftsmanship, guidance and generosity
  • Separate thank you to our wonderful marketing guide – Beth and incredible master minds and business advisors Sheldon and Chris (idea re: play stations, support and organization)
  • Aleks – music/mike and help around the mansion
  • Bianca – incredible burlesque performance and the playful game
  • Ian and Virgo – beautiful scene and safety
  • Lourdes Jane for being our Energy Orgasm open-minded gorgeous model
  • Our wonderful bartender Martha!
  • My incredible husband Oleg – photo booth and overall help
  • And all of your open-minded / hearted guests – this party wouldn’t be possible without you!

Eternally grateful!

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