Connection: Partner – Eye Gazing

Eye Gazing

They say that person’s eyes are a way into their soul. Many people feel uncomfortable looking into someone’s eyes for a long time. Our society sometimes views it as invasive and so people generally try to lower their eyes and not meet the other’s.

What if you tried to deeply connect with your loved one holding a relaxed gaze for 4 minutes? Try it. This technique could be a gateway into a deeper soulful connection, some people also report seeing their lover shapeshift and disappear into the darkness. Seeing their eyes only, connecting to their energy. Feeling their essence…

TIP: In a darkened room, light a candle and sit in front of your partner cross legged. Softly look into each other’s eyes while trying to synchronize your breath. Breathing in and out together, creating a mystical joint rhythm. Connect with your loved one and look into their eyes. Feel free to blink, aim for a softer gaze as opposed to a stronger stare. Set a timer for 4 minutes.

Sense into the intimacy that arises. Witness your and your lover’s reactions. Expect a miracle.

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