Women’s Pleasure Workshop Aftermath

It felt so good to teach about 4 types of orgasms to a wonderful, open minded and hearted audience that consisted of successful and driven women of Eastern European descent. Everyone who’s immigrated from former USSR can relate to how closed-minded the views on sexuality were, how basic sexual education was out of reach for so many of us… How patriarchal and shame driven attitudes around female pleasure were.

Through my work I meet many people from all over the world with cultures all of which share these common traits of close mindedness, judgmental mentality and sex negativity. It is so rewarding to be able to share the knowledge and various techniques on achieving more pleasure, removing shame and guilt, questioning myths and removing unhelpful beliefs around self expression, and sexuality. Thank you so much for having me! Very grateful to be able to make a difference and appear in front of such an open, eager to learn and explore audience.

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