Connection: Partner, Painting with Love

Painting with love

So here’s a question for you… How often do you find time to really tell your partner (or yourself) how much you love them? We may feel gratitude towards so many people and yet not vocalize it due to time limitations… Or, perhaps, just not thinking of how important this may be.

Letting someone know how much you love them, pointing out different aspects of themselves is an amazing, positive and elevating practice. It brings a lot of joyful, pleasant and loving energy into the field of that person as well as to you.

TIP: Here’s the technique that I have read about and love using with myself and my loved ones, it’s called painting with love. Sitting in front of each other (couple setting), looking into the mirror (if you’re by yourself) or surrounding a person (in a group setting) tell the person how much you love him/her. Tune into the frequency of gratitude for having them in your life. Remember all of the wonderful things you have shared together. Let them know how much you appreciate them on so many different levels.

The giving person should focus on speaking their truth about what they positively feel towards their partner. Telling them honest complements rising from the bottom of their heart, maintaining an eye contact.

If the person on the receiving end starts feeling overwhelmed and wants to close off – he/she should pay attention to the commentary running through their head rejecting the compliments. He/she should just come back to the loving connection, receive the love without judging or questioning it and feel into the beautiful, lifting energy of love.

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