Welcomed and Comfortable

welcomed, comfortable

“Evguenia, I wanted to thank you for sharing with me your gift, your time and energy today.
From the moment I walked in, you made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. I could be truly myself without judgement. ” T. S.

You are beautiful inside. You may not believe it. It may feel confusing. We are comprised of so many conflicting emotions, thoughts, voices and ideas. Getting still with all of it, surrendering to stillness and judgement-free observation allows us to become aware of the ongoing chatter in our heads and blocks in our body. Giving time and space to our emotions  being in the moment lets a bigger awareness arise. Witness. Deepen into the understanding of who we are and the direction we need to take from here.

Happy to help you facilitate your journey into expansion, acceptance, passion and freedom. Judgement free. Poly and Kink friendly.

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