Kink 101 Workshop and Guided Tour – Aftermath

Kink party 16
Kink 101 Workshop and Guided Tour – Aftermath

WHAT A BLAST! Thanks co much to our incredible kink tour participants and a beautiful model! The dungeon looked gorgeous in all of it’s glory with multiple fantasy rooms. Everyone felt comfortable, safe and playful ? We had a wonderful hilarious scene with our beautiful cat model. The setting took place in a vet office and we examined her in detail from head to toe! Making sure all of her cat parts worked perfectly. Spanking, tickling and electric therapies have been administered to make sure she was in the best possible standing. At the end her tummy got brushed and a mouse was given as a prize ? Pet play is so much fun!

Later on I watched a mesmerizing scene by a MFM group that included intense contact, pain, pleasure, single tail whip, floggers and lots of love and care. Incredible.

Looking into planning our very own Alice in PolyLand party soon! Stay tuned ?

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