Polyamory: P2


Polyamory Part 2. To read Part 1 please follow This Link

A few people have asked me about a polyamorous lifestyle. Each person is unique and therefore we all need custom solutions when it comes to our relationships. Some are happy being monogamous, others – single, then there are those who prefer consensual non monogamy. Of course, there’s no judgement either way. Here is a two part story on what polyamory is, please let me know if you have any questions. I do frequently run group and private sessions/workshops on topics such as Polyamory, non monogamy and how to spice things up in Monogamous relationships.

Alternative Model

So what happens if you open a door to an alternative way of being…

  • Let’s say you’ve always wanted to connect with more than one partner – emotionally, sexually, mentally, spiritually
  • You felt compelled to have more love in your life, but wanted to do it in an honest and open way
  • You and your partner have different sexual interests that you’d like to explore separately
  • You want to bring new energy, passion and depth into your life

Polyamory may help meet these needs. It may allow for more love, spice, novelty and depth. Not unlike other relationship models, polyamory will help you grow and learn more about yourself and this world. Become more self-confident and authentic.

As with any other relationship models, you may also encounter new challenges such as focusing closely on time management, communications, conflict resolution as well as managing your emotions.

Road to Authenticity

Regardless of which relationship model you choose – it’s important to follow your inner voice and stay authentically aligned with who you are. The possibilities are infinite. Be yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about Polyamory and Possibilities – on how to deal with jealousy, conflict resolution, boundaries and safe sex, please Contact Me for a private/group session.

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