Lost and Found (A New Chapter)

Lost and Found
Lost and Found (A New Chapter)

Alice felt LOST.

This dense low vibrating energy that existed as an inner darkness right smack the middle of her chest and radiated all the way out into the world felt frightening, lonely and overwhelming. What was worse is a complete sense of identity loss. Disconnect not only from the world and others but also herself.

She could understand the grief that came along with the end of her long-term relationship. Alice was still trying to paste together multiple puzzle pieces and intense experiences of the last three and a half years: huge tidal waves ranging from blissful, spicy, loving and profound highs, to painful, excruciating, and insulting lows…

But an internal crisis? That took her by surprise. She has always prided herself on her ability to be in tune, know herself, and follow the inner flow.

The external connection has stopped, the waves subsided, the flow disappeared and she came to a complete stand still. Who was she? Did Alice even exist without this external intertwined frequency? Could she ever be her playful, seductive, flirtatious, experimental and exhibitionist self again? She didn’t know. She felt completely removed, remote, disconnected from the world, the others and herself.

Sometimes you just don’t know. Lean into it, my friend. Stay in this darkness and pain. There’s a strength in stasis.

Degauss reached out of the blue. Soon, short pleasantries turned into conversations, and a surprise out of town visit. A playful plan to bring this strong, grounded, muscular, sexual, dominant man to a kink event was created on the fly. One twist – he were to wear chastity and a butt plug ? The incredible thing was – he gladly agreed.

The car ride was hilarious – each road bump had delivered a set of new pleasant vibrations directed right at the prostate, Degauss laughed.

Dark, sensual atmosphere of the party with colourful laser projections and a smoke created a fantasy-like play space. People dressed in leather and latex were chatting and dancing in multiple rooms. Alice looked at Degauss and felt pleased with his appearance. His chastity was hidden underneath a tight black leather kilt, his tanned athletic body was otherwise exposed and military black boots have completed this sexy ensemble.

“Of course chastity isn’t useful, unless the owner is aroused”, said Alice with a smile. To her surprise, she’d just found out that Degauss was a great dancer. “Will you dance for me please?”

This was a sight to behold. His strong, muscular body, moving sensually right in front of her. His piercing eyes looking straight at her as he was suggestively getting down towards her thighs wrapped in leather and up brushing his strong chest against her shoulders, bra, face, getting close to her lips, pausing and looking intently into her eyes only to go down again. The world has stopped. She intensely felt the energy of this seductive tease, impatiently waiting to feel and taste him. Eager to stay connected.

Connected – all of the sudden she was in the flow again. In this seductive, playful flow with him, trusting the flow of life, connected within.

He was an incredible kisser. Powerful and light, sensual and primal. Biting her lips, welcoming her to suck on his tongue and allowing her to penetrate his mouth. He was definitely in charge even in chastity. “That must hurt by now” she thought to herself as the arousal has become unbearable. She longed to feel him and didn’t want the tease to stop at the same time, it was intoxicating. He paused while kissing her, their hips aligned and intense pulsating energy started radiating between them.

This energy, is the essence of who you are. Don’t be afraid to lose it, it is simply impossible. The light is always here, my friend. It shines within. It reflects those around us, and unites in fire attracting those on the same path.

Finally, she leaned onto a leather bench, and he started sensually dancing while spanking her exposed round ass. Superimposing light and strong touch, pleasure and pain…

When she turned around, they were surrounded by a crowd and what sounded like a round of applause from their friends. Slowly, the room started fading back into her perception as if she was waking up from a sexy dream she’d just indulged in.

As she walked home Alice had a huge smile on her face, she’d also felt an internal shift taking place. Alice was incredibly grateful to Degauss for his playfulness, kindness, and generosity.

She felt that he has inadvertently helped her FIND her essence again, experience it and connect deeply within.

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