1,500 IG Followers – thank you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for following along! We hit 1,500 followers on IG, 1,700 on YouTube and FB needs to catch up lol (@Spiritsexlab) and I’m very happy to see you here!

Without you, there would be no blog. No sharing space to openly discuss Sexuality, Spirituality, Personal Growth and Pleasure. ❤️

Let me introduce myself. I always offer to play a little game when I meet more of you! I’ll give you 3 truths and 1 lie about me. Please guess which one is the latter (1-4). Comment to introduce yourself – would love to know who you are and where you’re from!


  1. HI! I’m Evguenia. I’m a certified Energy Healer and a Passionate Sexuality Guide. I offer individual, couples and group coaching sessions and blog daily at www.spiritsexlab.com/blog as well as IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube (@Spiritsexlab) about all things related to Pleasure, Relationships, Personal Growth and Energy Orgasms.
  2. I come from a very conservative background and only started experiencing orgasms and learning about pleasure in my mid 20s!
  3. My most favourite topic to teach and facilitate is emotional blockages and judgements removal
  4. My life long vision is for millions of people around the world to have a simultaneous Energy Orgasm ? So they can feel their timeless pleasure-filled essence!

    Gorgeous photo by @deckardphotographer

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