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Holiday Giveaway

Holiday Celebration continues – Complimentary erotic Alice in PolyLand book pdf today only.

Hi Lovely! Have you ever felt restricted or repressed in fully expressing who you are deep down inside at your very core? Perhaps, you’ve come from a conservative background where any expression of sexuality has been forbidden. Maybe, you’ve been in a long term relationship and have lost the fire within. Possibly, you’re on a journey of bringing more passion into your life and redefining yourself.

Whether you are single, in a monogamous or an open relationship – this inspirational guide will help you break down the barriers inside and rediscover amazing passion, breathtaking sex and ultimate joy of embracing your full self.

Today only, I’m happy to email you a free pdf Alice in PolyLand book. In order to get a copy, please go to FB or IG, sign up for @spiritsexlab and follow directions in the blog post from today 😉 Look forward to connecting soon!

Steps to receive the free pdf book:

  1. Please make sure you’re following me on IG or FB (Spiritsexlab)
  2. Tag one or more of your friends and comment why you’d like to receive the free Alice in Polyland pdf book copy (more info on the book is at
  3. DM me your email address and I’ll send it to you shortly xoxo

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