Your True self – Intuitive Writing

Intuitive Writing

Your True self – Intuitive Writing

Have you ever noticed a multitude of voices inside your head? There’s a wounded angry / sad / needy child who wants love… And inner critic that judges you frequently… Your shadow self… I’ve written more on these and deepening your connection with yourself here:

The voice of our wisdom is also there, some say it lives deep inside the heart. Want to access is and align with your own wisdom?

Here’s a great technique. Please try it – let me know how it works for you.

Intuitive Writing Technique

Find a quiet place and sit or lay down with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body. Feel the sensations, notice emotions/thoughts that are running through you. Try not to get attached to any of these, just observe and let them pass as clouds in the sky and return to your breath.

When you feel that your mind has quieted enough, pose a question you need answered. Set an intention on receiving an honest answer. Ask for help from your Guardian Angel and open your eyes.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write the question on the piece of paper. Once you’ve done that, continue writing anything that comes to mind. Set all of the judgments aside and without turning on your analytical mind just write down all of the words that you receive. Trust the process. Phrases may not make any sense. Write them anyway. Receive. Record. Once you feel that the information packet has been completely recorded, take a break, thank yourself and the guide. Read a few hours later.

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