10 ways to deepen a connection / relationship

Deepen Relationships
10 ways to deepen a connection / relationship

Do you ever feel disconnected from your partner? Do you notice that the depth of your contact is sometimes lacking? We’ve all been there – when sparks initially fly and we invest a lot of energy into building the connection; then the daily tasks and responsibilities take over… And our connection starts to suffer.

Would you like to build a deeper bond, feel more in touch and open up to more intimacy and vulnerability? Below are 10 steps I suggest taking in order to deepen your emotional connection with a partner. This an be practiced with kids, friends and ourselves.

  1. Make a prolonged eye contact (aim for 4 minutes and notice how you can look beyond the visual, deeply into someone’s very essence)
  2. Paint with love (search for this amazing technique in my blog at www.spiritsexlab.com or let me guide you)
  3. Connect Cords (incredibly powerful energetic technique when we’re connecting to another human being on multiple levels – happy to guide)
  4. Be vulnerable and share deeply
  5. Stay open to fully receive your partner
  6. Set intention for multidimensional contact
  7. Focus and listen intently
  8. Release judgments and projections
  9. Feel with all 6 senses
  10. Practice non violent communication (please also look this up in my blog at www.spiritsexlab.com)

Planning on doing a series of FB and IG lives on similar topics to ring in Valentine’s day. Please comment if interested.

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