Evguenia really cares

Evguenia really cares

“I also learned new skills to practice on my own, which I appreciate, and which to me shows that Evguenia really cares about her clients’ personal growth and isn’t just here to get you dependent and hooked on what she exclusively has to offer (although I definitely am interested in with with her again!)

N. K.
Long Distance Private Session Client

I’m a strong believer in knowledge sharing and that a change is a partnership between a guide and the person who’s on the path of self discovery. In my healing and sexual guidance practice I’m very fortunate to come across such incredible people – people driven to question the old scripts, inspired to grow into more empowered human beings, committed to positive change and embodiment of their most authentic and powerful versions of themselves. And I always share practical tips, techniques and homework suggestions geared towards achieving their goals faster and being in control of their destiny. So that when our work is done, they have the tools and powerful knowledge to sustain the change and continue growing.

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