Managing Difficult Emotions: P1

managing difficult emotions
Managing Difficult Emotions, Three part Series. Part one.

Very helpful post in the times of Covid-19:

… Pain. This familiar intense feeling of burning usually starts just below my navel, radiating up through my chest… 

Creating a excruciating pressing sensation between my breasts and moving up towards the throat. This energy – wanting to come out as a scream, a cry…

Tears appearing and pouring out of my eyes. And another wave – covering me head to toe…

I have been blessed not to experience much of a physical pain in this lifetime, the emotional one, however, is quite familiar
to me…

If painful emotions are part of your life, please read on as I’m going to outline a few ways of dealing with them that work well for me.

1. Awareness

Naming the emotions is an important part of understanding of what is happening to you and managing difficult emotions:

“Flying Birds technique”

  • Imagine as though your emotions are birds flying around in a large open space
  • It’s important to recognize that you are not your emotions
  • The true you are the observer, the space, the sacred container in which the birds are flying
  • Once you stop attaching yourself to the emotions and just witness them from a side – the pain becomes a lot more manageable to handle
  • Name the emotions and recognize all of the birds without judging them to be good or bad
  • Once you give each of them your proper attention – they may start expressing themselves and eventually quiet down

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